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3rd Edition – 2012
We are pleased to present you with the 3rd Edition of Hepatology − A Clinical
Textbook. We especially want to offer our thanks to all the authors who have
worked so hard to keep their chapters fresh and up-to-date. We have included very
exciting updates, especially regarding the new oral treatments for HCV. We also are expanding our project to try to reach a broader range of readers and look forward to collaborating with you to connect with newer specialists as well as those not necessarily in large urban centers or those who have less access to information on the latest diagnostics and treatments.
We would be especially interested in hearing from you regarding your experience
with the book, and how it could be made better for you. Please let us know at
www.hepatolgytextbook.com where you can also download this book by chapter, by
section or the full book, 100% free. We hope you can give us a few minutes of your
time to help us make the next edition better for you and that this project can
continue to be a lasting success.
The Editors
Stefan Mauss, Thomas Berg, Jürgen Rockstroh, Christoph Sarrazin, Heiner Wedemeyer Foreword
2nd Edition – 2010
Because hepatology is such a dynamic and exciting area of medicine, regular
updates are mandatory in keeping a clinical textbook useful. We are delighted to
present this second edition of Hepatology – A Clinical Textbook. The first edition
was a major success, with more than 80,000 downloads worldwide. In addition, a
Romanian translation was carried out by Camelia Sultana and Simona Ruta shortly
after the appearance of the first edition. We invite qualified people everywhere to do the same, into any appropriate language! This web-based free-of-charge concept made possible by unrestricted grants from Roche and Gilead has allowed the material to reach countries usually not easily covered by print media, a special
quality of this project. We hope this second edition of Hepatology – A Clinical
Textbook will continue to be a vluable source of information for our readers.
The Editors Stefan Mauss, Thomas Berg, Jürgen Rockstroh, Christoph Sarrazin, Heiner Wedemeyer