WiseMapping Open Source

What is WiseMapping Open Source?

WiseMapping is a free web based mind map product. The goal of this project is to provide a high quality product that can be deployed by enterprises, educational and academic institutions. WiseMapping is based on the same code product supporting WiseMapping.com.


Why Open Source ?

In the last years, we have received hundred of mails from different persons asking for:

All this make us wonder “Why if we share our product to all this people and invite them to participate with us in this journey ?” . Well, this is WiseMapping.org :)


WiseMapping has been development mainly in Java and JavaScript.  The following diagram represents a high level overview of the product


WiseMapping is a Java Web 2.0 application to create and share mind maps.
Some of the features worth mentioning:
Mindmap Editor:
  • Add/Modify/Delete topics.
  • Topcis Drag and Drop
  • Change topics shapes.
  • Change topic colors.
  • Change topic fonts.
  • Change topic border.
  • Insert icons.
  • Insert notes.
  • Insert HTTP Links.
  • Zoom In/ Zoom out.
  • Auto saving
  • History recovery
  • Simple layout
Collaborative Features:
  • User’s Personal space of his own mind maps.
  • Ability to invite others to view and/or collaborate with his own mind maps.
User Personal Space:
  • User can create an account and modify account setting.
  • User can create mind maps he created and have been shared with him.
  • Maps displayed in order based on different categories
Technical details
  • Java Development Kit 6 or higher
  • Languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Chinese, Italian
  • Tested on the following Web Application containers.
    • Tomcat 6 or higher
    • Jetty 7 or higher
  • Supported databases:
  • Browsers
    • Chrome
    • Firefox 14 of higher
    • Explorer 8 or higher
    • Safari
    • Opera
  • LDAP Security Integration
  • Fully based on REST Services


WiseMapping Open Sourcehttp://www.wisemapping.org/fea

Opensource Flash Book Creator

Ingin merubah e-book anda menjadi lebih interaktif namun tidak menggunakan software bajakan?

Ada solusinya, yaitu menggunakan software free dan opensource software.

Berhubung saya juga sedang mencari, alternatifnya saya menggunakan kata kunci flash book creator ditambahkan kata opensource.


Hasilnya lumayan bisa ditelusuri, di http://soft.udm4.com/downloading/open_source_flash_flip_book_creator/

terdapat beberapa kategori berdasarkan kata kuncinya;

– Open source flash flip book creator in title

– Open source flash flip book creator in description


Ada beberapa software yang saya gunakan dari hasil pencarian tersebut, apa itu, silahakan baca blog ini selanjutnya.