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toucanEveryone obviously knows that the monsters of the graphics are Photoshop & Illustrator. Except that everyone, not 2000 dollars to spend (invest) in CS4 at Adobe. What are we left there, then? On the one hand, many free software are proven and can claim to be competitive with giants. There is first of all Gimp , which is similar to Photoshop. While there is little or multi-layer management, image adjustments, filters … As for Illustrator, we Inkscape , free and also almost equivalent.

That’s for free. But then … Recently, a new trend: the applications and online storage . No need to install anything on your PC, if not a good browser. All the applications you need to create are available online, free, powerful and … Whether to retouch or manipulate files, work with vector files, choose complementary colors in order to create a visual identity … In short, here is the list (not exhaustive) apps that will reconcile with your bank …


First, in the field of image editing, excellent Splashup (former Fauxto) arises as a leader. A Photoshop-like done in Flash. Everything is almost. The interface is “modeled” (I love my humor …) on the master in the field, we find the Layers palettes organized the same way. The ability to add effects to these layers by clicking in the bottom of the palette. In short, it’s the same level ergonomics. There is a little less choice.Otherwise, there is also the possibility to apply filters, the minimum is present but it is quite the road … Also, you can easily work with files from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa … 
To get there, you will need Register (free, of course) to have an account in your name.

In terms of imaging software, offers an online suite squarely bringing sweet bird names:Raven , Phoenix , Toucan and Peacock . 
First, you must create an account to access the full suite … 
Then, once your account is created, you will have access, first to an image editor, Phoenix , unless pushed maybe Splashup, but fast and effective for minor corrections. 
Second, a vector graphics editor, Raven , who in the absence of competitors worthy of the name, you will create beautiful vector illustrations. 
Third, Peacock , a “visual laboratory”, which will give you the ability to add effects and special effects to your image files surprising. 
Finally, Toucan , a utility to find complementary colors in order to create a logo or a charter, for example.

Exactly … choose colors, this is one of the most important phases. 
For that there are also dedicated online applications.

Adobe Kuler
This is the best known, you probably understand why … Kuler allows you to determine consistent colors, depending on the work you have to do. Then you can export your chart ASE format (compatible with Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), or even share it online with other members of Adobe Kuler. free registration is required.


In the same vein, ColorJack is an excellent application on-line and free, also. Little more for Macintosh users, a widget can be placed in the dashboard, to access a port offline application. You can, similarly, export your swatches for most graphics applications.


Graphics Software Online


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10 Best Alternatives To Adobe Illustrator

Most often Adobe Illustrator can be just too complicated or expensive for the average user or someone doing graphic design casually. If you are looking to get a great program that will be fun and easy to use look no further. There is a vast “open source” online community where you can download such programs for free. Below are descriptions of ten of the most comparable illustration softwares that are in the same vein as Adobe Illustrator.

10 Best Alternatives To Adobe Illustrator

Best Alternatives To Adobe Illustrator

1. Corel Draw

The best alternative to Adobe Illustrator is by far Corel Draw. Unfortunately because it is a name brand and is so good it isn’t really that much cheaper. It allows you to do pretty much everything Illustrator does; like experiment with colors, compositions and brush strokes. You can get the full studio effect. It is said to be one of the more exciting digital painting programs online and some prefer its interface. Windows only.

Corel Draw

2. Inkscape

Inkscape is a program that gives amazing vector effects. It is designed on a cross-vector platform that allows the user to see effects applied in real time. The advanced features it includes are arbitrary transformations, opacity, and gradients. It has all the capabilities of Corel draw or adobe illustrator. This one, however, is free. Windows and Mac compatible.


3. Serif DrawPlus

Serif DrawPlus is free software that mimics mature commercial editing software. It includes many of the most intuitive tools available. Including “quick shapes”, Curve editing, and curve smoothing. This program gives you several templates and other resources to choose from. Windows only.

Serif DrawPlus

4. Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme has a free open source version of the paid Xara Xtreme program but is exclusive to the Linux system. The paid version is still quite a bit cheaper than Illustrator. This program is a standard in Vector drawing applications. The free version has very powerful graphics and floating dialogs, palettes and menus. Windows only.

Xara Xtreme

5. Skencil

Skencil is another free open source application also for the Linux system. This one allows you to do illustrations, draw diagrams and it will import your files from Adobe. This is more of a supplementary program. It is primarily for windows systems but can be used on Mac OSX.


6. Creative Docs.NET

Creative Docs.NET is a vector program that works well in Windows applications. It has features that allow the drawing of various text and shapes along a curved pathway. You can merge shapes with the Boolean operations; you can convert text Bezier curves and color gradients. It lets the users interact with various styles and attributes in the same frame. The drag and drop is an excellent addition since it lets you move things around on the page. Windows only.

Creative Docs Net

7. sK1

sK1 another Linux application that can be downloaded for free. This program supports professional style publishing; such as CMYK color, ICC color management and even press ready output for PDF. It is currently only for Linux but will be ported very soon to work on both Windows and Mac systems.



GIMP this graphical user interface looks similar to Adobe Photoshop. It is a free program that also allows you to retouch photos. It can be used as a paint program but lacks vectors many graphic designers are used to.


9. Alchemy

Alchemy, a vector-based program, it runs on the intent of creativity. This means that it is primarily a sketching program and not for finished or refined projects. The interface is fun and easy and great for brainstorming. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


10. Karbon 14

Karbon 14 is another free and easy vector-based program. The level of functionality is one that is geared toward someone getting started. It can handle the daily chores drawing, finger painting, image manipulation, icon editing. It is also a very functional program with all the important features.



It is possible to find the graphic design program that fits your budget that allows you to create clipart, logos, illustrations and photorealistic vector images. Whatever your reason for avoiding Adobe Illustrator it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that has a comfortable interface and does what you need it to do.


Rick Valence loves to read and write short stories, books and especially blogs. He has a vast array of writing interests that include fiction, non-fiction and how-to guides. Rick works Monday through Friday as a digital camera repair specialist at C.R.I.S. Camera Services in Chandler, Arizona. He is also the webmaster of his company’s camera repair blog.


10 Best Alternatives To Adobe Illustrator


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